Select your Fitness Box

Select your Fitness Box

Slim Fit

Your Slim Fit will come with healthy fuel, digital home workouts and recipes, motivation, and discounts! *Monthly pricing = $19.99, *3-month pricing = $18.99/mth ($56.99 total)

$19.99 - $56.99

Core Box

Your Core Box is the next step up from the Slim Fit. You'll get everything in the Slim Fit + Apparel, fitness products, and personal care. *Monthly pricing = $39.99, *3-month pricing = $37.99/mth ($113.99 total)

$39.99 - $113.99

Badass Box

The Top Tier Box. Core Box + EXTRA fitness products, personal care, and motivation! Let's crush your goals together! *Monthly pricing = $54.99, *3-month pricing = $52.25/mth ($156.75 total)

$54.99 - $156.75