MAB Ambassador Application

About Fit Lifestyle Box 

Fit Lifestyle Box is a goal-driven monthly subscription box for Men and Women. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or try the newest products out there, we have the solution for that. We offer three boxes for men and women: Get Lean, Get Strong, or Stay Fit. We handpick the items that go in the box so they fit the subscriber's goal. In addition, we have a full online store with thousands of products to include supplements, fitness accessories, snacks and much more. 

Why we’re looking for Brand Ambassadors 

Because we want to inspire others and start a movement! That is why we promote our #letsgetfit hashtag, because it’s a movement. We are not a manufacturing company so you don’t have to be stuck on promoting one product/brand the entire time. We are a company that promotes all of those companies by placing the product inside the box. We want to promote a healthy and fit lifestyle. Let’s be real, we all like different products from different brands so why be locked in to one brand. Also, what happens when you take the same product for a long time, your body gets used to it and you have to try something new. That is why we are doing what we do, because we are humans too and understand that reality. 

Brand Ambassador Benefits 

  • Earn $5 for every subscription box ordered with your code (code gives 15% off to subscriber on first box so it comes out to $17). Cycle begins on the first of the month to the last day of the month. Total number of used coupon codes will be screenshot and sent to you as proof and you will receive $5 per coupon code used on the first week of every month. (One $5 payment per subscriber – Not $5 every month for the same subscriber) 
  • Your subscription will be $15 per month ( required for marketing purposes because you must lead by example) 
  • Featured on our brand ambassador page on our website. 
  • Free Swag (t-shirts, shaker bottles, and gym gear) after first 20 customers to use your coupon code. We will send you more swag every 20 th subscriber to use your code. 

Brand Ambassador Requirements 

  • Drive traffic to 
  • Must subscribe to a monthly box for marketing purposes. (Ambassador's reduced price = $15/monthly) 
  • Help increase Instagram and Twitter followers and Facebook Likes. Use #letsgetfit and #fitlifestylebox 
  • Work to build a positive relationship with your gym, local community and followers. 
  • Add “Fit Lifestyle Box Ambassador” to your profile/bio (highly recommend to include code) 
  • Send us pics of you training, using your full-size products or enjoying your snacks. 
  • When posting your Fit Lifestyle Box picture, tag the brands. The more we are known to them, the more samples and deals we get, and the more that can go in our boxes!!! 
  • Have fun changing lives! If you already are, good on ya, seriously! 

Tips and Tricks 

  • Share your code on forums online for extra possibilities of it being used. 
  • Text your friends the code and website for a possible sale. 
  • Post your coupon code on your profile/bio across all social media channels. 
  • Post short workout videos to inspire others and share code in caption. 
  • Create a Facebook group to change and inspire others and post your videos and encourage others to do the same. 

Every three months, we will evaluate our ambassadors to see if they’re still a good fit for our brand. If you are an ambassador and decide you do not want to be part of our ambassador program anymore, you can terminate at any time. 

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