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It all started with a slice of pizza. Seriously. After a long 12.5-hour day at the office, our Founder, Ursurla was super tired but more importantly, very HUNGRY. She decided to hop on her phone and order a large pizza. The idea was to share that large, cheesy pizza with her roommate. Well, that didn't happen and several hours later, she woke up only to find the pizza box in her lap and a slice on her chest. It was at that moment Ursurla knew she not only needed to change her unhealthy habits, but to one day help other women with theirs.

Today, My Athlete Box is dedicated to helping other busy women not only achieve their goals, but to crush them! And, we aren't only helping women that are new to the fitness world. Oh, no. Our monthly boxes are designed to help women across all fitness experience levels. We spend countless hours working to find the best fitness products to keep you motivated, happy, and enjoying a healthier lifestyle!

You can read more on Ursurla's fitness journey in her Blog at: upadilla.blogspot.com

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